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Custom Acrylic Fridge Magnets

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Custom Acrylic Human-Shaped Standee

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Custom Acrylic Pins & Badges

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Custom Clear Acrylic Keychains | Acrylic Charms


Custom Charms

Hamfai makes it easy & affordable to create promotional Products such as Custom Charms & Sticker, badges, pins, Acrylic Keychain, Gives you the power to create products that amplify your business or personal expression.

What We Offer

Custom Keychains

Custom Pins & Badge

Custom Acrylic Standee

Sticker Printing

Whether you are someone who enjoys creating things as a hobby or at a professional level for business, Hamfai are glad to help you with your promotional merchandise – whatever they are!

Any Size

Print your designs small, medium, or large. You’re in charge.

Any Shape

Go beyond the square. Print your design in any shape you can imagine.

Any Quantity

Print affordably from quantities of 3 to 100,00+. Low minimums. No limits.

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