Stickers Cutting Formats

When it comes to our stickers, we offer a lot of sticker options and various formats you can choose from, depending on what works best for your desired use case. These Stickers Cutting Formats include: Sticker Paper, Die-Cut Sticker, Kiss-Cut Sticker.

What are Die-Cut Stickers?

Our die-cut sticker are custom made to meet specific needs. Single-cut by die-cutting technology, stickers can be made into various shapes and sizes, including text, charts, labels or other composite graphics.

What are Sticker Paper?

Custom, personalized sticker paper are perfect if you want to print multiple sticker designs on the same paper , or want to test out artwork in a variety of different shapes and forms.

In a word, kiss-cut stickers are customized stickers made by kiss-cutting technology, which have the characteristics of flexibility, diversity and easy application, and can meet the needs of identification, decoration and publicity in different fields.

What are Kiss-Cut Stickers?

Kiss-cut stickers are a special sticker making technique, also known as flat cut stickers or printed stickers. Unlike die-cut stickers, kiss-cut stickers do not cut or peel off the material to create a specific shape, but instead use a printing press to print paint or ink directly onto the surface of the sticker.

This makes the production of kiss-cut stickers faster and more flexible, suitable for small batches and customized needs.

Die-cut and kiss-cut stickers, how to choose?

When the stickers are made using the same design pattern, die cut stickers and kiss cut stickers look identical after application. So which sticker should we choose?

Personal Preferences

Die-cuts and kiss-cuts look identical when applied to the surface of an item, so which one you choose is largely a matter of preference. In general, most people prefer the presentation of die-cut stickers. Die-cut stickers give retailers a better look when sold.

Application Scenario

If you are designing a collection of stickers with the same theme but with a lot of material, kiss cut stickers are better. Because you can print some creative elements in the space around the sticker to make the whole product more attractive and unique. You can even add your brand name, website or contact details.

Stickers Technique

Our stickers are made of PVC material, which is an adhesive advertising product synthesized by thermoplastic resin. It is sun-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof, oil-resistant, tear-free, high-temperature-resistant, wear-resistant, tough, and suitable for marking on a flat surface.
The production process has the following types:

Clear PVC

The clear PVC sticker is a clear background, which has high transparency, strong visual sense, and is scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant.

White PVC

The white PVC sticker has a white background, and there are two kinds of crafts: dumb film and light film.
The dumb film can be seen from the color of the surface, the dumb film is a foggy surface; after the film is covered, the surface is matte, and the light film can be seen from the surface color, the light film is a bright surface; after film coating bright.


The application of holographic PVC stickers in daily life is on the outer packaging of many products, which can have a beautiful effect, thereby attract consumers’ attention, and under the sunlight, colorful patterns can also be seen, which has a strong visual impact on people.

So, which sticker do you want to choose?