The Anime Game Character Keychain

The anime game character keychain is a keychain inspired by the characters in anime or games. Based on the characters in anime, manga or games, we strive to faithfully restore the appearance, clothing, characteristics and personality of the characters in the game, and present the characters’ characteristics and personality with fine production and performance. This type of keychain can cover a variety of different anime and games, including Japanese anime, video games, manga, and more. They may be main characters in well-known anime or games, or they may be secondary characters or some characters with special significance. Anime Game Character Keychain is the ideal collectible and accessory for anime and game fans. They can be an expression of love and support for a favorite character, as well as a way of identifying and showing interest.

Size: 8cm

Technique: Clear Acrylic

Design From: <strong>Ray Harrison-Evans</strong>