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Custom Acrylic Human-Shaped Standee


Custom Acrylic Rainbow Standee


Custom Acrylic Photo Standee


Custom Multi Uprights Acrylic Standee


Custom Clear Acrylic Cartoon Standee


Custom Acrylic Spotify Code Music Board with Stand Base

Personalized Customized Acrylic Standee

Custom Acrylic Standee

Decorate your desk with your special memories. These standees can be custom cut to suit your image.

Custom acrylic standee is made from clear acrylic and laser cut into the desired shape and design, creating a freestanding piece that can be placed on a flat surface such as a desk, shelf or table. You can get custom acrylic standee in different sizes to fit small spaces in your home, retail or store.
Whether you want to grab the attention of your clients with a contemporary design or a new, exciting display, you can get all the help you need at Hamfai.

Hamfai Acrylic Standee

Our custom acrylic standee are often used to display images, characters or promotional materials in a visually appealing and eye-catching way.
They can be customized to match specific designs, sizes and shapes according to intended use and aesthetic preferences.
Consisting of two parts, our custom standees are made from clear acrylic and printed with your design. We offer both single side and double side designs on our custom acrylic printing, with multiple uprights available for each product. It’s easy to put together our custom acrylic standees thanks to the simple push fit construction. Whether you're looking to create your own collection line, or offer a unique decorative item, we've got the ability to make it easier than ever to transform your custom designs into unique merchandise.

Here are two key points about Hamfai acrylic standee:
1. Design and shape: Acrylic standee can be made and cut into different shapes and sizes. The design can be based on images, artwork, badges, or any other visual element you want to display. Common shapes include rectangles, squares, circles, or custom shapes that match the displayed design or characters.
2. Base: Acrylic standee usually have an insertable base that provides stability and allows them to stand upright on a flat surface.

The acrylic material used by hamfai is a durable and transparent plastic material commonly used for various display purposes. It's lightweight, shatter-resistant, and has excellent optical properties, making it ideal for custom toppers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to make acrylic standees?

A: With hamfai you can easily make an acrylic standee. Just send us the picture, text or symbol you designed that you want to display, and we can meet your needs. Not only that, the shape and size can be determined by you, we are responsible for making it for you, and serve you wholeheartedly.

Q: Will acrylic standee paint stand up to rain?

A: Acrylic standee paints are water resistant and can withstand light rain or moisture to a certain extent. Acrylic standee paint forms a flexible protective layer when dry, which helps prevent water damage and fading. Acrylic paints are generally resilient and retain their color and integrity after light rain or occasional exposure to moisture.

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