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Custom Acrylic Fridge Magnets


Custom Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are small decorative items designed to adhere to fridge surfaces or other magnetic surfaces. The front adopts acrylic Epoxy process, and the back rubber soft magnetic can firmly stick to the refrigerator or other metal surfaces.

They feature enclosing a design or image within a clear acrylic housing, creating a visually appealing and durable magnet.

Create your own Fridge magnets

There are several options for custom personalized fridge magnets:

First, the choice of production technique. Hamfai provides 4 kinds of technique choices, including Clear Acrylic, Epoxy, Holographic broken glass / stars. The effect of each technique is different.
Clear Acrylic: Choose excellent acrylic material. With a high-transparency panel, the patterns produced are clear and bright, and the colors are bright.
Epoxy: is a high-performance, durable, long-lasting, water-repellent, low-maintenance and chemical-resistant coating that also resists abrasion and impact. Adding Epoxy coating on the basis of acrylic material makes the fridge magnet look more three-dimensional and feel more rounded.
Holographic broken glass / stars: The laser effect has two effects of broken glass / stars to choose from. The two effects bring people a different visual experience, Broken glass and twinkling stars can be clearly seen under the light.

Second, the choice of size and shape: the size of our products can be customized, which mainly depends on the pattern you design and the size you want; in the choice of shape, you can use simple or transparent background patterns to make Any shape, but if the picture background is complex, you can only make regular shapes, such as: square, circle, heart. In this way, the choices provided to you are more abundant, satisfying your vision of customization.

Personalize your fridge with custom fridge magnets to reflect your personal style, interests, or memories. You can feature your own artwork, family photos, special messages, or any other design that has personal meaning to you. Fridge magnets are usually affixed to the front or sides of your refrigerator to add colour, colour, style and personality.

Kind tips:

1. The back of the fridge magnet is a soft magnetic sticker, which needs to be pasted on the iron fridge panel;
2. The glass on the front of some fridges cannot be absorbed, so it can be attached to the side of the refrigerator;
3. Computer case/iron door/iron plane are also used;
4. There is a film on the front of the product, please tear it off when using it;

Frequently Q & A

Q: Is the magnetic attraction of fridge magnet strong?

A: The magnetic force of the fridge magnet is enough to attach itself to the surface of the fridge. Simply place them on a magnetic surface, such as the front or side of your fridge, or any other compatible metal surface. They attach to the metal through the attraction of magnets, forming a strong support point.

Q: Can fridge magnets be used on stainless steel?

A: Cannot. There is a magnet behind the fridge magnet, which can only be adsorbed on iron surfaces. It is suitable for most fridges. It cannot be adsorbed on tempered glass surfaces, glass, wood boards, cement walls and other surfaces.

Q: Will the fridge magnets scratch the surface of the fridge?

Of course not. The magnets on the back of our acrylic fridge magnets are soft rather than hard. Soft magnetism will not cause damage to the surface of the fridge. When the fridge magnet is close to the surface of the fridge, the two will attract each other to fix the magnet.

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  3. Acrylic refrigerator magnet. Loopy is so cute. It’s really good. The merchants helped me realize my new idea. It’s great.

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