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Acrylic Custom Phone Ring Holder


Custom Acrylic Air Bag Phone Holder


Custom Special-shaped Phone Holder | DIY Phone Holder


Custom Acrylic Phone Holder

Make You Own Phone Ring Holder

Custom Phone Ring Holder

Hamfai offers retail and wholesale of custom acrylic phone mounts, all the phone mounts and phone mounts you need, from phone mounts for desktop items to phone tripods.

For home and office use, customers are looking for good quality phone mounts for desktop placement. This allows customers to view their phones without support, and is a great way to avoid repetitive strain injuries when working long hours. For those who want to watch movies and TV shows, these phone grips are great for avoiding odd viewing positions. This is especially true for people who like to lie down and look at their phones, and they can solve their problems by using a phone holder.

Personalized custom acrylic phone holder

  • Phone Ring Finger Grip
  • Universal Compatibility - Works with all Smartphones (Iphone, Galaxy, etc), Tablets
  • 360 Degree Range
  • Comes with Easy to Remove Adhesive
  • Perfect Accessory that holds mobile devices and Tablets
  • Customizable with your own photos, designs, logos

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  1. Great communication!

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  2. The shipment was fast and the quality was also very good. They even sent me a few more, but the delivery was a bit slow

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  3. This transparent bracket is really transparent and has no scratches on the surface, making it affordable,

    Image #1 from Zachary
    Image #2 from Zachary
    Image #3 from Zachary
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  4. A very satisfying shopping experience, baby, both the style and color are excellent! A very successful online purchase with fast delivery, tight packaging, and excellent product quality,

    Image #1 from Mason
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  5. The mobile phone ring is very good, cheap and of good quality, both very nice! Stick it firmly!

    Image #1 from Noah
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