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Custom Acrylic Pins & Badges

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Custom Button Pins | Anime Round Tinplate Buttons

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Custom Clear Acrylic Pins & Badges

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Custom Holographic Pins & Badges

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Custom Star Tinplate Pin Button

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Custom Lovely Cartoon Cat Ear Shapes Tinplate Pin Badges

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Custom Heart-Shape Tinplate Pin Button

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Custom Square Tinplate Pin Button

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Custom Pin & Badge

Pins are usually refer to pins that have graphics, labels, badges, or text, and are used to showcase body parts, interests, support, or advocacy for individuals or groups.
Badge is a broader term that can refer to different types of badges or emblems, including regular, official or identification badges.

Hamfai provides custom acrylic badges. Front designs can range from simple text or symbols to complex illustrations or logos. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors, allowing for extensive customization options.

More About Custom Pin & Badge

Beautiful and exquisite pin & badge can be purchased for various souvenirs, business gifts, art, collectibles and gift purposes. To meet different purposes, Hamfai can provide you with more choices, from the pin & badge pattern, shape and size, material and craftsmanship, and badge back cover pins, you can choose the one that best meets your expectations for customization.

Material and technique

We have two different materials to choose from ------ acrylic and tinplate, they have their own production technique, and their visual effects are also different.

About acrylic

Clear Acrylic: not easy to break; it has crystal-like transparency, clear vision, and acrylic dyed with dye has a good color development effect.

Epoxy: Wear-resistant; the surface looks crystal clear, full of gloss, durable and beautiful at the same time.

Holographic Broken Glass / Stars: These two techniques are based on the acrylic material, adding broken glass with laser effects and twinkling stars. Under the illumination of light, there is a different visual experience.

About tinplate

There are a variety of film mulching for you to choose, with clear patterns and high color reproduction. Including brightly colored bright film, frosted film with grain texture, and the holographic film of the laser model includes plain film, dumb film, heart shape film, star shape film, broken glass film, dot film. All of the above options can be customized.

Shape and size

1.Simple or transparent background images that can be made into any shape or size.
2.Pictures with complex backgrounds can be made into regular shapes such as squares, circles, hearts, etc.

Pine & Badge back cover pin

Smooth bound, high elastic pin on the back of the pin & badge. You can choose from a plain white plastic back and pin or a metal back and pin.

These decorative aesthetic pins can be applied to many craft decorations, sweaters, backpacks, jeans, clothes, jackets, coats, bags, hats, each of which has a different style, creativity and fashion, wearing it can make you a variety of occasions The focal point of such as parties, dates, holiday celebrations or banquets.

The custom pin & badges offered by Hamfai are quality assured in a wide variety of colors, sizes, shapes, designs, graphics and materials and can be fully customized to your style, requirements and preferences.

Q: If I only have one idea, can you design and make it for me?

A: Of course. If you have an idea for a custom Pin & Badge, just let us know what you think. According to your idea, we will design it for you and send it to you for your reference. If you’re not satisfied with a detail, we’ll revise it until you’re satisfied.

Q: Can you print my design exactly?

A: Yes, as long as the picture given to us is clear, we can almost completely restore your picture design.

Q: Can I request to change the originally determined design?

A: If we’re already in production when you propose a change, it’s impossible to change it. But if we haven’t started production, you can request a change.

Q: Do you provide fast service for custom Pin & Badge?

A: Yes, we provide emergency services. You can contact our staff, they will estimate the fastest delivery date according to your order.

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