Cat Pop Socket

Cat Pop Socket features a cute cat-themed design that’s both fun and eye-catching. The black cat stared at the little bee on its nose with big eyes, and was very curious about the appearance of the little bee; while the white cat had pink ears, wore cool sunglasses, and smiled with its mouth open. Both kittens are very cute. It is an ideal choice for users who love cats and is also a favorite for animal lovers. In addition to Cat Pop Socket, there is also Dog Pop Socket, Butterfly Pop Socket. They all have the function of supporting mobile phones and can be used as mobile phone stands, allowing users to watch videos, take selfies or make video calls more conveniently. It also acts as a phone holder, providing extra stability and comfort to prevent your phone from slipping or accidentally falling.

Size: 55 mm

Technique: Epoxy Acrylic Air Bag Phone Holder

Style: Animal

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