Acrylic Epoxy Cartoon Character Phone Pop Socket

Acrylic Epoxy Cartoon Character Phone Holder is a delightful feature accessory for your smartphone.Acrylic epoxy not only give these popular pockets a smooth and polished appearance, but also improve durability, ensuring they can withstand daily use. And cute cartoon characters add a fun and interesting element to your phone. Big eyes, round head, very cute. Paired with Airbag Pop Sockets: Pop Sockets have a dual purpose. They provide a comfortable grip for your phone, making it easier to hold and preventing accidental descent. In addition, they can also be extended to a convenient stand, allowing you to support your phone for hands-free video viewing, video calls, or selfies.

Size: 65 mm

Technique: Epoxy Acrylic Air Bag Phone Holder

Style: Anime Character