Custom cartoon character stickers

Custom cartoon character stickers refer to the production of personalized stickers with specific cartoon character images according to the needs and preferences of customers. These stickers in the picture are made of waterproof material, of course, they can also be made of paper or other materials, printed with patterns, illustrations or logos of favorite cartoon characters, as shown in the picture, there are patterns about Sailor Moon. Can be used to paste on the surface of items, such as notebooks, mobile phones, water bottles, vehicles, etc. Custom character stickers can be used for a variety of purposes, including personalized items, gifts, event keepsakes, and more. They’re a fun way to express your personality and likes, and make great collectibles for cartoon fans.

Size: 2”(50.8 mm), 2.5”(63.5 mm), 3”(76.2 mm), 3.5”(88.9 mm), 4”(101.6 mm)

Design From: Ariel Caillier