Custom Sailor Moon Standee

Custom Sailor Moon Standee refers to a custom standee related to “Sailor Moon”, which is an acrylic board with a pattern or display of “Sailor Moon” characters. This standee can be made to celebrate, display or promote events, products or content related to the Japanese anime/manga “Sailor Moon”. “Sailor Moon” is a well-known Japanese magical girl series anime and manga that tells the story of a group of girl warriors who protect the Earth from evil forces. This series has a wide range of influence and has many fans. This custom Sailor Moon stand includes illustrations of the main characters, iconic graphics and series elements. In order to show the unique charm of the Sailor Moon series, it is also to convey to fans their love and support for this classic series.

Size: 6 cm, 8 cm, 13 cm

Technique: Clear Acrylic Standee

Design From: Ariel Caillier