Sun and Moon Figure Standees

The Sun and Moon Figure Standee is a human figure standee with a face designed as the sun and a face designed as the moon. It is a decorative standee showing the humanoid images of the sun and the moon. With human features, such as facial expressions, eyes, mouth, etc. This ornament has a classical or mystical look. The sun and moon have symbolic meaning in different cultures and religions. The sun is often seen as a symbol of light, warmth and life, while the moon is often associated with mystery, femininity and night. Therefore, this man-shaped standee can represent these symbols, be used for decoration and convey a specific cultural, religious or spiritual meaning. In addition, such decorations usually come in many different designs and styles, and people can choose the style that suits their preferences and decoration style. They can also be personalized to specific cultural or religious requirements, adding beauty and ambiance to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Size: 10 cm

Design From: Ro Perez