Dakimakura Culture: Warm Hugs of Virtual Emotions


Custom Dakimakura is a form of personalized throw pillow that has emerged in Japanese culture, consisting of a soft shell and filling. Compared with traditional pillows, custom pillows allow individuals to customize unique pillow designs according to their own preferences and creativity. Such as printing favorite anime, games, fictional characters or personal designs on the casing. Its size and shape are similar to traditional pillows, but in terms of pattern printing, it provides greater creative space.

Dakimakura is a special pillow widely used in Japanese culture. The word is derived from Japanese and is composed of two words “抱き” (daki, to hold) and “果” (makura, pillow). The design of the pillow is usually rectangular, about 150 cm to 160 cm long, and about 50 cm to 60 cm wide, with the shape and size of the human body.

1. The Purpose of the Dakimakura

The Dakimakura was originally used to provide sleep support, but in modern Japanese culture, it has become a pet object. Many Dakimakuras designers base their creations on anime, manga, games, celebrities or fictional characters, etc. Often printed with images of popular anime, games or idols, these Dakimakuras have become collectibles and gifts of love for fans.

2. The Material and Production of the Dakimakura

The shell of the Dakimakura is made of soft fabric such as linen, polyester, cotton, etc. to ensure a comfortable touch. The inner filling is mostly polyester fiber or cotton to provide enough support and softness. Patterns are printed on the case through techniques such as digital printing or embroidery.

3. Cultural and Social Significance of Dakimakura

In Japan, having a Dakimakura is considered a way of expressing a favorite character, star or manga etc. Many fans collect multiple throw pillows to show their love for different productions or characters. Dakimakuras are also often sold as merchandise at comic conventions, anime events, and fan fairs. At the same time, Dakimakuras are also used in social activities. In some occasions, people will give each other Dakimakuras as gifts to express friendship or gratitude.

4. Attractiveness of Custom Dakimakuras

  • Personalization: Customized Dakimakuras provide a platform to showcase personal creativity and personality. People can create a distinctive pillow according to their favorite anime, games, stars or fictional characters, or design their own unique patterns, representing their own unique tastes and hobbies.


  • Show love: For anime fans, gamers and fans of fictional characters, custom Dakimakuras are a way to show affection and love. Owning a custom Dakimakuras means being able to get up close and personal with a favorite character, bringing comfort and joy.


  • Gifting option: Custom Dakimakuras are also a unique gifting option. Give a friend or loved one a custom Dakimakuras to express your love and respect for them, and also show your heart.


  • Intimate partner: For some people, the pillow is a kind of spiritual sustenance and becomes their intimate partner. When lonely or in need of comfort, a Dakimakuracan accompany them to sleep, bringing them peace and security.

The Process of Making Custom Dakimakura

The process of making a custom Dakimakura is relatively simple. First, choose the right Dakimakura size and shape. Designers or individuals then print the pattern onto the soft shell, using digital printing techniques or embroidery. Filling is available in polyester or cotton for a comfortable feel and support.

In general, Dakimakuras, as a special Dakimakura culture, have become a unique phenomenon in Japanese culture, and are also loved by fans of anime and fictional characters around the world. It is not only a practical item that provides comfort and support, but also an intimate companion and special gift choice, but also a way of expressing affection, social communication and cultural expression. Customized Dakimakuras have taken root in Japanese culture and have formed a unique phenomenon worldwide, as well as a unique and precious collection and cultural symbol.

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