How to DIY a Standee Desk | Anime Acrylic Standee

Anime Acrylic Standee is a vertical frame made of acrylic material, usually used to display favorite anime characters or scenes. This stand’s transparency, sturdiness, and stylish appearance make it a popular decorative item for anime enthusiasts or collectors. Making a standing desk with an animated acrylic frame is a creative and personalized DIY project. The following are detailed production steps:

Materials Needed:

– Large acrylic board (depending on the size of the desktop)

– Favorite anime pictures (high resolution, make sure you have printing permission)

– Craft knife

– Steel ruler

– Spray glue or double-sided tape

– Clear acrylic glue

– Desktop base or stand

– Electric or manual drill


1. Prepare the acrylic board:

– Determine the size of the acrylic sheet and purchase or cut an acrylic sheet large enough to print the standee pattern as needed. You can choose transparent or colored acrylic sheets, such as rainbow-crafted acrylic sheets, holographic broken glass or star sheets, these panels can be made into rainbow standee or holographic standee, it all depends on personal preference.

2. Select anime pictures:

– Find high-resolution images of your favorite anime characters or scenes on the web, and make sure you have legal permission to print.

3. Print and crop pictures:

– Print selected anime pictures using color printer. Then, use scissors to cut the image, making sure it fits the size of the acrylic sheet.

4. Measurement and Marking:

– Use a steel ruler on the acrylic board to measure and mark the position of the picture, making sure the picture is centered on the acrylic board.

5. Spray glue paste pictures:

– Spray spray glue on one side of the acrylic board (or use double-sided tape), and then paste the printed animation picture on the glue-sprayed side, making sure it is attached flatly.

6. Making vertical structure:

– Use an electric or hand drill to pre-punch holes on the bottom and sides of the acrylic sheet for making vertical structures. Make sure the holes are balanced to provide adequate support.

7. Assemble the desktop base or stand:

– Prepare a desktop base or bracket and install the acrylic plate on the base according to the holes made. Use transparent acrylic glue to tightly connect the acrylic plate to the base to ensure it is strong and secure.

8. Complete:

– Once the installation is complete, the anime acrylic stand on the standing desk is complete. You can use this personalized desk for work, study, or watching your favorite anime.

Making a desk standee is a fun and creative DIY project that adds a personalized touch to your workspace or study area. This DIY project can both increase productivity and add a unique touch of decor to your office space. Please use tools carefully when operating to ensure safety. You can design and decorate it any way you want to make it a unique decoration.

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