How to Make Custom Acrylic Standee


Custom Acrylic Standee is a creative and eye-catching way to showcase your branding, message, or artwork. These standees are made of clear acrylic material, which provides a sleek and modern look while allowing clear visibility of graphics or content.

So how to make custom acrylic standee?

First, you can choose to search online to find “acrylic standee manufacturers” or “custom standee near me”. There are some professional acrylic standee manufacturers, such as the UK custom acrylic standee manufacturer — and China custom acrylic standee manufacturer— amd

Second, you can DIY an acrylic standee or a Multi Uprights Acrylic Standee. DIY acrylic standee are not only a great way to express your creativity, but also make unique gifts, home decor, and even marketing displays. They can be used to display artwork, promote events, or simply add a personal touch to your environment.

Then to make a custom acrylic standee, follow these steps:

Design and Plan

Determine the size, shape and design of your acrylic standee. Consider the purpose, size and desired aesthetics of the object it will hold. Draw your design on paper or use graphic design software.

Gather Materials

Obtain the necessary materials, including acrylic sheets of appropriate thickness, acrylic glue or adhesive, cutting tools (such as a laser cutter or saw), and any additional decorative elements or accessories.

Measure and Cut

According to your design, measure and mark the size of the acrylic sheet. Carefully cut the acrylic sheet to the desired shape and size using a cutting tool. Be safe and ensure accurate cuts. Sandpaper if needed to ensure precise cuts and smooth edges.


Apply acrylic glue or adhesive to the appropriate surface of the acrylic sheet and carefully connect them together according to your design. Use clips or tape to hold the pieces in place while the adhesive dries. Apply the adhesive according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Finishing Touches

Once the stand is assembled, you can add any decorative elements or accessories you want. Depending on the design plan, add decorative elements or display content to the standee. Logos, text, patterns, and more can be added to acrylic standee using printing, stickers, painting, and more.

Test and Adjust

Check that the stand looks and fits as expected. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure the standee is stable and looks complete. Test the stability and functionality of the stand by placing the target object on it. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure the standee holds the object securely and remains stable.

Cleaning and Polishing

Clean the acrylic standee with a mild soap and water solution or an acrylic cleaner to remove any fingerprints or dirt. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to dry and polish the acrylic surface, making sure it looks clean and nice.

DIY acrylic standees offer a hands-on and customizable approach to creating unique display pieces. With some basic materials and a little creativity, you can design and make your own personalized acrylic standees to showcase your style and message. Remember to take proper safety precautions when working with knives and adhesives. Also, if you need the expertise for intricate designs or custom acrylic standee, consider seeking professional help or consulting an expert.

If you think the above is too complicated, you can come to Hamfai to customize your unique acrylic standee. Let you easily get the standee you want, just tell us your idea, send us your design drawing, Hamfai allows acrylic standee in various shapes, colors and sizes to meet your different needs. In addition, we also have different craft effects and different forms of standee, such as acrylic rainbow standee. Similarly, the shape and craft of the base of the standee can be chosen by you, and the size of the base will be determined by the size of your standee. Believe that we will be able to produce impressive acrylic standee for you, highlighting your brand image and attracting more target audience’s attention.

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