How to Make Fridge Magnets Stronger

Fridge magnets are a common decoration and practical tool. Soft magnets are usually used as the main production material. Soft magnets will not damage the surface of the refrigerator, but the magnetic force of soft magnets is relatively lower than that of hard magnets, which makes it impossible to firmly attach secure to the refrigerator. But there are a few things we can do to make them more sticky. This article will introduce several effective methods and techniques to help you enhance the magnetic attraction of your fridge magnets and ensure that they can be firmly fixed on the refrigerator.

Use Thicker Magnets

Fridge magnets usually come with a thin magnetic sheet to provide magnetic force. You can try changing to thicker magnets, as thicker magnets are usually more magnetic. This can increase the adsorption force of the fridge magnet.

Increase the Area of the Magnets

If the area of the soft magnetic sheet is small, you may consider increasing its area. Stack multiple magnets on top of each other, or use larger sized magnets to increase the surface area to attach to your refrigerator. This can increase the adsorption area and improve the magnetic attraction of the fridge magnet.

Using Magnetic Tape

On the back of the soft magnetic sheet, you can use magnetic tape to increase the magnetic force. Magnetic tape is magnetic for extra hold. Paste the magnetic tape on the back of the soft magnetic sheet, and then attach it to the refrigerator to enhance the adsorption force. This is a simple and effective method.

To Clean Refrigerator Surfaces

Make sure the surface of the refrigerator is clean and dust-free, and that there is no debris or dirt on the back of the magnets. Wipe the surface of the refrigerator and the back of the magnetic sheet with a clean cloth to ensure good contact to improve the magnetic force. Any debris or dirt will reduce the magnetic attraction, so it is very important to keep it clean.

Multi-point Fixation

If the adsorption force of the fridge magnet is still not strong enough, you can consider using multiple soft magnetic refrigerator magnets for multi-point fixing. By using multiple soft magnetic magnets in different positions of the refrigerator, the total suction force can be increased to ensure a firm fixation on the refrigerator.

Optimize the Magnet Position

Different areas of the refrigerator surface may have different magnetic forces. Try different locations and areas for the magnets to find the one with the strongest magnetism. In general, the edges or corners of the surface of the refrigerator may have stronger magnetism.

Avoid Overloading

The magnetic force of fridge magnets is limited and cannot withstand heavy objects. Make sure your magnets are only used to hold lightweight items and avoid overloading. If you need to secure heavier objects, consider other stronger magnets or securing methods.

By following these tips and tricks, you can enhance the magnetic attraction of your soft magnetic magnets and ensure they stay securely on your fridge. Depending on your needs and specific circumstances, you can try one or more of these methods to find the most suitable solution for enhancing magnetic attraction. Remember to be careful during operation to avoid pinching or injury.

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