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When you are lazy, do you find that your phone frequently escapes your grasp or that it keeps landing on your face? The purpose of each phone grip ring is to provide a pleasant place for your finger to rest on your phone when you are using it or carrying it around with you during the day.

Hamfai is a retailer and wholesaler of custom acrylic phone mounts, and one of its services is the sale of these mounts. Our offerings include the retail sale of any type of phone mount, including mounts designed specifically for desktop accessories as well as phone tripods. We think that phone ring holders are a fantastic accessory that you should try out to experience the ease and elegance they can bring into your life.

The main advantages of Ring Holders are:

  • With just one finger, you can achieve a holding angle of 360 degrees.
  • A slim, modern, stylish look for adults
  • Allows for combination with cases

Ring holders offer the benefit of enabling the gadget to be controlled at any angle while yet providing support and safety for the user.

Why they are Good

Phone Ring Holders are easily recognizable due to their understated, rounded, and sophisticated form. They have a low profile, similar to that of love handles. The vast majority of ring holders are fabricated from either metal or ceramic.

In addition, depending on the ring that you select, they can have a form that is quite thin and virtually flat. You’ll find a good number of cases that are compatible with rings in the market today. Many individuals believe that ring holder are safer than other types of accessories since they may be easily grasped.

In addition, you may use your phone with ring holders in either portrait or landscape mode, and you can rotate it over the full 360 degrees. The nearly flat surface of a ring holder makes it less likely that it will become entangled with other items of clothing or accessories. Last but not least, ring holders provide you the ability to attach wallet bling that is precisely made to be sticky.

In comparison to any other smartphone attachment I’ve used, including the pop socket, the Grip offers the highest level of safety when used in conjunction with a phone ring holder.

Phone Rings are a contemporary and elegant accessory that was developed in order to facilitate the use of only one hand in a variety of tasks. If you have a ring holder, you can use it even if you only have one finger.

Great for Gifting

Phone ring holders are excellent, one-of-a-kind gifts to give to yourself and loved ones, such as children, spouses, friends, colleagues, parents, and anyone else – especially those who are prone to dropping their phones. Phone ring holders can be purchased in a variety of colors and styles to accommodate a wide range of personal preferences and preferences.

In the event that you are in charge of organizing an event, whether it is a birthday bash, bridal shower, anniversary party, or any other kind of celebration, the phone ring holders that we sell make for excellent party favors that are certain to be valued by each and every guest. You can ensure that these will not be discarded immediately after your party, which is what typically occurs with the majority of party favors.

Factors to Consider When Choosing

Before selecting the proper ring phone holder for your needs, there are a few things that you should take into consideration.


Pick a ring holder that features a sturdy build. Always make sure to check the material that the ring holders are made of as well as whether or not they have any jagged edges. The best quality ring holders are typically made of metal and have a surface made of stainless steel. This makes them smooth and prevents them from scratching or otherwise damaging your phone.


If it is too large, your finger will continually slide out of it, and it may even obscure the camera on your phone. If the hole is too small, your finger won’t be able to fit, and you won’t have a good grip. Pick a ring holder that is proportionate to both the size of your hands and the dimensions of your phone.


Be sure that the opening and closing motion of the ring phone holder you intend to purchase is fluid before you make your purchase. In addition to this, check to see if the ring can be rotated; this will make using it with one hand simpler and more practical. Both the landscape and the portrait orientations should allow you to utilize the ring holder as a kickstand for the device. If the ring holder is magnetic, it ought to be compatible with magnetic car mounts, allowing you to mount your phone quickly and effortlessly while you are behind the wheel.

How to Ensure Your Phone Ring Holder Remains Attached to Your Phone?

The following are some of the methods by which you can ensure that your ring holder will stay linked to your phone:

  • Avoid getting your phone wet. The stickiness of the glue can be reduced by water or any other liquid, which will cause the ring holder to become loose and slip off.
  • Moisture should be avoided for the same reason. The sticky bong that is located between the ring holder and the phone becomes less effective when exposed to moisture.
  • It is important that the ring not be used to suspend the phone from anything other than your finger. To give one example, you shouldn’t use the ring holder on your purse to link your phone to your handbag.
  • Take care not to tug too strongly on the ring. When opening and closing the ring, you need to be careful not to exert an excessive amount of pressure because doing so could cause the ring to shatter.
  • Make sure that the ring is closed whenever the holder is not in use. By doing so, the ring will be protected from damage that could have been caused by an unintended hit with a hard surface.
  • Be sure to carefully secure the holder, and resist the urge to move it once it’s in place. If you change the position of the ring holder after the adhesive has been applied, you risk damaging both the ring holder and your phone.

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