Match your Halloween Costume with Halloween Accessories


Every year on Halloween, people eagerly welcome this creative and joyful holiday, and this year, 2023 Halloween is no exception. Wear a Halloween costume you made or bought yourself on that day, and match it with customized Halloween-themed badges, keychains and stickers. These small items can make your costume more unique, decorate your home, or share it with family and friends. Friends. Let’s explore some creative Halloween badge, keychain, and sticker design inspiration!

Custom Halloween Badges

Badges are the ideal way to show off your personality. Making a Halloween badge will help you stand out during the holiday season. Here are some creative badge themes:

- Vampire Fang Badge

Make a bloody vampire fang badge, match it with a black cloak and a white mask, as if you just walked out of the castle.

- Ghost Ball Badge

Design a ghost-themed badge with flashing white, transparent gauze and sparkling eyes, as if you are attending a ghost ball.

- Candy Mania Pin

Design a ghost-themed badge with flashing white, transparent gauze and sparkling eyes, as if you are attending a ghost ball.

Halloween Accessories

Custom Halloween Keychain

A fun keychain can add a unique Halloween touch to your keys or bag. Here are some creative keychain design inspirations:

- Ghost Themed Keychain

Make a clear acrylic keychain with a ghost silhouette and twinkling stars. This keychain will stand out in the dark.

- Halloween Little Monster Keychain

Design a cartoon-style little monster with big eyes, wings and fangs. This adorable little guy will make a fun companion.

- Jack-O-Lantern Keychain

Create a keychain in the shape of a jack-o’-lantern, and its smile will remind you of the joyful times during the holiday season every time you use it.

Halloween Accessories

Halloween Stickers

Stickers are a simple and fun way to decorate, whether you stick them on your windows or place them on gift wrap, they will brighten up your holiday season. Here are some creative sticker design inspirations:

- Halloween Letter Stickers

Make a set of letter stickers that spell out “Happy Halloween” or other holiday wishes you like, and stick them on your door or wall.

- Prank Stickers

Design some stickers with humorous elements, such as flying witch hats, tombstones with outstretched hands, etc., and stick them at home to create laughter.

- Pumpkin Decoration Stickers

Make some cute pumpkin stickers and stick them on glass windows to add a Halloween atmosphere to your home.

Customizing Halloween creative badges, keychains and stickers at Hamfai allows you to better enjoy this creative and joyful holiday. Whether you’re getting ready for a party, caring for a visiting ghost, or just looking to decorate your home, these little items will add fun and uniqueness to your Halloween celebration.

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