The Difference Between The Brooch、The Badge and The Pin

The Difference Between The Brooch、The Badge and The Pin 1

Brooch, Badge and Pin are all decorations that can be worn on clothes. They are usually made of metal or plastic or other materials. But there are also subtle differences, and different meanings.


A brooch is a jewelry worn on a dress, and can also be considered a decorative pin. It can be used as decoration or fixed clothes (such as robes, capes, scarves, etc.). The brooch is a small needle-like ornament worn on the garment.


The badge is the iconic brooch worn on the body to indicate the identity and occupation. A badge is a representative or symbol of an era or a thing. It must contain rich historical connotations. The badge itself is also a handicraft, so it is loved by more and more people. Now it has become a popular collectible, and badges are one of the essential items in antiques and the old commodity market.


A pin is an elastic needle, made mainly of metal. One end is fixed, the other is sharp, and can be opened and closed, mostly with metal, for fixing cloth, paper, etc.

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The History of The Brooch

The history of brooches originated in the Stone Age, and their shadows can be found in ancient murals. When the ancients put animal skins or simple fabric on their bodies, they needed to fix their bodies with sharp animal bones or fish bones. These fixed objects are the earliest form of the brooch. Later, it evolved to the Greco-Roman times, because the Romans loved to wear cloaks and coats, the button pins used to tighten clothes gradually developed into various brooches decorated with jewelry, and the designs and styles of different regions were very different. Originally only for the royal family or noble class, with the expansion of wealth and the establishment of cheap jewelry ornaments market, brooch became a popular personal decoration, This kind of decoration that shines in the chest becomes the dignitaries and common people like to reveal the decoration of individual character.

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With the development of clothing, brooches have gradually developed into accessories with decorative function, which can be used as buttons, collar buttons and hat decoration. Because of the exquisite workmanship, it has also become a high-end accessory of the handicraft industry. The brooch also reflects the change of The Times and the change of people’s concept of beauty.

The History of The Badge

The badge also has a long history, first appearing in the form of a family emblem. The territory of the feudal aristocracy became increasingly hereditary. In order to be accepted and recognized by the society, the nobles not only have a clear pedigree, but also have their own family symbol —— clan badge. The real origin of the badge is only after the 11th century. In order to distinguish the enemy, knights mark their cap helmets when they are in battle, such as the genista of England, the white rose of the York family, and the red rose of the Lancaster family. At that time, the badge design focused on delicacy and strangeness, such as lions, unicorns, leopards, etc., which were typical manifestations of noble prominence.


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