What is Sticker Paper?

Sticker Paper is a type of sticker product, unlike individual die-cut stickers, they are presented as a whole sticker paper with multiple kiss cut stickers arranged neatly on it. Kiss cut stickers are made by slightly cutting the sticker material, cutting only through the sticker layer, leaving the adhesive backing material intact. This style of sticker making makes it super easy to peel individual stickers off the paper while keeping the other stickers neatly lined up.

Sticker Paper usually appears in the form of square or rectangular paper, and the lamination effect is also presented on the entire Sticker Paper. There are various laminations such as holographic stickers, glitter stickers, fireworks laser stickers paper etc. to choose from. There can be multiple sticker units of different shapes and sizes on it, which can be circular stickers, square stickers and irregular shape stickers. The number of sticker patterns depends on the size of the single sticker. A A4 sticker page can print approximately 20 5cm * 5cm square stickers and 7 circular stickers with a diameter of 8cm. Each sticker unit is cut slightly to form a separate sticker shape, but still connected to other stickers through uncut material. This arrangement makes Sticker Paper very convenient to use and distribute. Provides a convenient storage and packaging solution for stickers. Stickers stay protected and organized on paper for easy transport and storage without risk of damage or loss, while providing a cost-effective way to mass produce and distribute.

Also, hamfai sticker paper is ideal for lovers and creative people. They are suitable for crafting, journaling, sticker collection, and decoration. Sticker paper usually have a variety of themes and designs, including animals, flowers, cartoon characters, letters, etc., to meet the preferences and creative needs of different groups of people.