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Acrylic Photo Cutout Standee for Couples

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The Acrylic Photo Cutout Standee has been around for some time now, yet it continues to demonstrate a high level of popularity. Traditional photo framing, certificate frames, and even sign holders are some of the many applications for these frames that can be found in today’s modern world. Stand-offs for sign support are hidden behind perspex picture frames, which keep your print, poster, or certificate slightly away from the wall. In this article, we will discuss nine fantastic reasons why you should consider using an acrylic photo cutout standee.

1) Acrylic Frames make the ideal gift

These acrylic Photo Cutout Standees are a wonderful way to present a photo of yourself or a loved one as a gift. They are also relatively inexpensive. You have options ranging from blocks that are desktop-sized to versions that are wall-mounted. Due to the fact that the focus is on the image rather than the frame itself, they are also a highly popular choice for wedding gifts.

2) The focus is on cutout

The majority of frames currently available on the market appear to focus more on making a statement with the frame itself rather than with what is contained within. Perspex acrylic picture frames enable the viewer’s attention to be directed toward the print cutout that is housed within the picture frame rather than the frame itself. Your photo print will appear to “float” in between the two pieces of Perspex, drawing attention to the image that is contained within.

3) Acrylic Photo Cutout Standee has a modern appeal.

Acrylic or Perspex picture frames are an excellent choice for usage in modern and contemporary houses because of their sophisticated and modern appearance. Because the frames are transparent, there is no need for you to worry about matching or clashing colors because they are suitable for any kind of interior design. One of the transparent frames that are now the most popular purchase in the United Kingdom is an acrylic picture block.

4) Ideal for Displaying your Love

One of the best ways to express your affection for the person you share your home with is by using Acrylic Photo Cutout Standee. They give off a lovely appearance when displayed on a mantlepiece or a side table. They are also highly resilient when exposed to heavy volumes of foot traffic.

5) There is no glass

Glass is used on the front face of many classic picture frames. This glass is typically very thin and is rarely hardened, which contributes to the fragility of the material. The strength of Perspex acrylic is up to eight times that of a glass of the same thickness, making it significantly more robust than glass. In the extremely improbable event that the Perspex does break, it will not splinter like glass but instead just crack. Because of this, it is extremely unlikely that you will cut yourself using a clear photo frame, in contrast to the possibility that exists when using a glass picture frame.

Acrylic Photo Cutout Standee

6) Not as bulky.

Acrylic picture frames are frequently less bulky than other types of framing, making them a great choice for situations in which space is at a premium. This is one of the pros of acrylic picture frames. They are exceptionally slim and compact due to the fact that there is only a very thin border around the pattern cutout. Depending on the size of the print that will be displayed inside, traditional mounted frames may have borders that are 20 centimeters or even larger.

7) Cost.

Because the emphasis should be placed on the print itself rather than the mounting or the frame itself, perspex picture frames do not come with a standard mounting. It is possible to spend hundreds of pounds on having prints mounted and framed by a professional service. You won’t need to shell out money for pricey mounting if you choose a frame made of Perspex because it allows you to easily attach your picture or photograph on its interior.

8) Green Credentials.

Acrylic, often known as Perspex, is rapidly becoming one of the most recyclable materials. In point of fact, the majority of companies that manufacture acrylic would be willing to take your old and broken frames since they have big scrap bins that are regularly emptied, sent back, and reground in order to produce new acrylic sheeting. The vast majority of acrylic Photo Cutout Standees are produced right here in the UK, in contrast to the majority of other frames, which are frequently produced elsewhere and then transported thousands of miles to reach our shores.

9) Bespoke Sizes:

When you go to a reputable manufacturer of Acrylic Photo Cutout Standee, you will find that they are able to create custom sizes of frames according to your specifications on request. As a result of the fact that the frames are cut from enormous sheets of Perspex utilizing CNC routers or laser cutters, the technique of making a frame in a bespoke size is quite straightforward. When frames are imported into the country, they are almost always pre-cut to a standard size and cannot be altered in any way. As a result, if you have an unusually sized print, you will have to make up with a frame that does not fit properly.

As you can see from the data that was presented earlier, purchasing an Acrylic Photo Cutout Standee is a smart choice for a variety of reasons that are incredibly essential and persuasive, as was stated before on this page.


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