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Custom Acrylic Pins: A Clearly Awesome Pin Option

Custom Acrylic Pins

Are you interested in discovering innovative methods to advertise your brand? Pins made of customized acrylic are the most cutting-edge and trendy form of swag currently available. In this article, you will learn all you need to know to have your very own acrylic pins made in a quick and cost-effective manner.


The only difference between acrylic pins and conventional metal pins is that acrylic pins are constructed out of acrylic rather than metal. They are an excellent choice for affixing your company’s brand to something that will be worn frequently. This is in contrast to other types of freebies, such as clothing or signs, which are likely to be discarded after being worn no more than once or twice at the most before being thrown away (or back into the closet).

Acrylic pins are a terrific method to offer your business more awareness than any other swag that is currently available. They are lightweight and can be created imaginatively, making them an ideal promotional item.

Acrylic pins are extremely well-liked among attendees at trade exhibitions and conferences, but this doesn’t mean that they’re only appropriate for professional gatherings.

Creative freedom

Pins that are “custom made” live up to their name in every sense of the word because they may be fashioned into virtually anything the customer desires. Naturally, using a variety of enamels will result in finishes that are just a little bit unique. However, if you combined the two, there are very few things that you would be unable to accomplish. Soft enamel is the material to use if you want to design a personalized pin that is vibrant, multicolored, and gorgeous and features all of the hues of the rainbow.

Choose hard enamel if you are looking for a pin that is polished, professional, has a metallic basis, and is uncomplicated but exquisite. When it comes to designing your pin, the majority of companies will give you free rein over your creative direction. You will be a free spirit for the most part, but they will have to guide you in the proper way in terms of limitations.

What are some cool uses for custom pins?

The versatility of custom pins, which allows them to be worn or displayed in virtually any environment or circumstance, is truly remarkable. If the designer has a strong eye for fashion and knows how to dress appropriately for the event, the pin will be the perfect accessory. When it comes to creating plain metal pins for the purpose of increasing brand awareness, many businesses choose hard enamel pins.

They are a polished silver or gold color, which gives the appearance of being clever and elegant. Pins used in professional settings should always be sophisticated and understated. If you want to make pins that you can sell, you should use soft enamel instead of hard enamel. You will have a much easier time expressing yourself if you do it in this manner. Aside from that, the majority of people who buy pins for themselves are looking for unique designs and patterns. They are less concerned with professional standards and more interested in the artistic flare.

How expensive are custom pins?

Pins that are made to order are very inexpensive despite the wide range of uses to which they can be put. Buying in bulk is the most cost-efficient method of acquisition for these products, just like it is for any other wholesale commodity. Depending on the number of pins that you purchase, you may anticipate paying anywhere from $0.60 to $5.00 for each one. If you want to start a collection of interesting and unusual individual pins, you should be prepared to spend anywhere from ten dollars to several hundred.

Certain pins have become extremely scarce throughout the years and are no longer manufactured. For this one reason alone, Olympic pins can be extremely expensive collectibles. If you were considering designing, purchasing, and then selling your own line of pins, you would probably want to consider moving at least a few hundred of them, if not several thousand of them, in order to maximize your profit margins. This is because selling fewer pins will result in a lower overall profit.

Custom Acrylic Pins


You can hand out these custom pin designs to attendees of events or conventions, or you could just hand them out to people on their own. Because of how reasonably priced they are, you might even manage to get one for every one of your staff.

The best part is that it is simple to place an order for them; all you have to do is upload your design, and we will do the rest. In addition, we provide free delivery on all orders, which further contributes to their reputation as one of the most cost-efficient promotional gifts.


We don’t discriminate! Stickers have a special place in our hearts. Pins, on the other hand, are proving to be a more popular choice as promotional giveaways among firms at the moment.


Simple! The factor of affordability, to name just one! Using promotional products is an excellent approach to increasing brand exposure and leaving an impression on your audience that will last with them.

On the other hand, the expense of freebies like pens, mugs, and other promotional goods can quickly pile up. You can obtain all of that notoriety by wearing custom pins, even though it will cost you nearly nothing for the real product!


As you can see, bespoke pins are incredibly adaptable. Custom pins are always a good choice, regardless of who you are, what your business does, or how much money you have available to spend. There aren’t many other things that may be so different from one another in terms of both their style and their function.

It’s possible that personalized pins are the answer to all of your creative needs, whether you want to promote your company, demonstrate your support for a worthy cause, or simply demonstrate that you have a passion for creative arts. It is not necessary for you to feel obliged to purchase more custom pins than you require just due to the fact that the cost of these pins can be somewhat high when purchased in lesser amounts. Even the most expensive pins can yield a respectable profit for your business. They don’t go out of style, they don’t spoil or deteriorate, and in the majority of instances, they don’t even lose value.


Hamfai provides the option to personalize acrylic pin badges in an extensive range of colors, sizes, styles, designs, graphics, and materials, all of which are of intoxicatingly high quality and can be completely adapted to your preferred fashion, specifications, and preferences. These acrylic pin badges are not only a wonderful memento to retain but also thoughtful presents for those we care about.

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