Anime Character Keychains & Oval Design Keychains

The two keychains in the picture are made of the same material but with different craftsmanship. The designs of the two are also very different. Anime Character Keychains: A waving boy wearing a green suit with a red face seems to say hello. Oval Design Keychains: The overall shape of another keychain is oval, with red as the main color and a green square in the middle, which is very coordinated.

Both keychain body styles feature anime elements and both cater to different interests and needs, making them popular choices for personal expression and promotion.

Size: 2.5”(63.5mm), 3”(76.2mm)

Technique: Clear Keycahin & Glitter Epoxy Keychain

Style: Anime Character, Oval Shape

Accessories: Silvery Drop Shape & Gold pentagram