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Custom Washi Tape


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Custom Washi Tape

Custom Washi Tape is a popular decorative tape. The "Washi" in its name refers to a traditional Japanese handmade paper, usually made from plant fibers such as rice, wheat, hemp or mulberry. The paper is very thin but strong, with a translucent texture, making it ideal for tapes.

Custom Washi Tape can be customized according to personal needs and creativity, offering a variety of design options to suit different uses. Custom Washi Tape is easy to tear and remove without leaving residue on the surface. They feature high quality, adhere reliably to a variety of surfaces and are translucent, allowing the underlying pattern or color to show through, adding to the decorative effect while ensuring long-lasting durability. Two common custom types include Custom Stamps Washi Tape and Custom Gold Foil Washi Tape.

Custom Washi Tape

More About Custom Washi Tape

Custom Stamps Washi Tape:

- Custom Stamps Washi Tape usually has a special design that contains a custom stamp pattern. These graphics can be brand logos, logos, images from special events, or whatever you want to feature on the tape.

- Each Custom Stamps Washi Tape has a jagged dividing line like a stamp, which makes the sticker more unique and easy to remove.

Custom Gold Foil Washi Tape:

- Custom Gold Foil Washi Tape uses metal foil (such as gold foil) for foil stamping to create a golden decorative effect. You can also choose silver foil stamped washi tape or other metallic tones.

- This decorative stationery material has a noble and luxurious appearance and is often used to enhance a brand's high-end feel or for special occasion decoration.

Whether you are using it for branding, decorating events, personalized stationery or DIY projects, Hamfai Custom Washi Tape provides you with a unique way to add brand recognition, decoration or personality elements. By working with a professional supplier, you can create a Custom Washi Tape that fits your needs and tastes.

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  3. The bronzing is exquisite, the pattern is lifelike and very beautiful.

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