How to Make a DIY Acrylic Keychain

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Acrylic keychain is a personalized key chain, very beautiful, the production process is very simple. In addition to being able to buy online, we can make it easily at home. And, Diy is a very popular activity today. It can not only cultivate our hands-on ability, but also cultivate our creative ability. It is especially suitable for working with our peers, which can not only improve our happiness, but also enhance our self-confidence. Most importantly, the company between each other. If you give your own ideas to your relatives or friends, this idea is very precious. The article will introduce you to how we can make a DIY acrylic keychain.

How to Make a DIY Acrylic Keychain

The first Steps:

we have to have all the materials ready. Picture, blank acrylic board, key ring, chain.

the second step:

We need to collect the photos we like or want to use, it can be a real person or thing, but it also can be anime characters or game characters, game scene. Any pictures will do it. Then crop the picture to the shape we want.

Then adjust the blank acrylic plate to size the picture, or any other shape we want, and carefully attach the picture to the blank acrylic plate.

Of course, in addition to using the photos, we can also use the tape with the patterns, which will be more beautiful and more detailed than the photos. And the edges of the tape are transparent, so it can blend better with the acrylic board. In addition, we should have to pay attention not to appear small bubbles in the bonding, which will affect the beauty of the keychain, so the picture and the blank acrylic board must be perfectly fitted. We can use a scraper to fit the picture perfectly on the blank acrylic board when bonding the picture.

tape 1

If you want to make a epoxy keychain, you can buy a special glue for making acrylic keychains online and spread the glue yourself on the acrylic board already affixed with pictures. But be aware that the glue dries more slowly. You can even sprinkle some sequins in it to make the keychain more colorful.


When the most important step is completed, we just need to connect the key ring and key chain to the acrylic board, and a delicate acrylic keychain is done. Key rings and key chains can also be selected in different colors and shapes, such as circular key ring, star key ring and so on.


Of course, if you want to make other works, such as an acrylic clip or an acrylic badge, just prepare a separate clip and pin, add glue, and stick it to the acrylic board.

PP clip 1

From the above, we can learn how to make a DIY acrylic keychain. You can follow these simple steps to DIY by yourself, or call your friends together. Making DIY acrylic keychains is a very decompression activity, and when you finish your work, you will have a sense of pride. It is not only a keychain, but also a work of art and souvenir with emotional value.

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