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Why Are Soft Enamel Pins So Popular 2

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A bespoke soft enamel lapel pin is and always has been our most popular form of lapel pin, and this has been the case for as long as we have been in business. It is not solely due to the fact that they are cost-effective, despite the fact that they cost as little as sixty cents each, with the price varying according to the size of the pin and the amount of the order. Rather, it is due to the fact that they are high-quality and extremely long-lasting pin that gives the appearance of depth. To make matters even better, a design for a soft enamel pin can be nearly anything. Customers buy them to use as trading pins for baseball as well as for other team sports such as football, basketball, and soccer, amongst others.


You may have seen enamel pins that make reference to animated television shows like “The Simpsons” or “Rick and Morty.” You might also get pins with emojis or other online references like memes incorporated into them. The reality is that there is an entire world’s worth of designs for enamel pins out there.

A few pins lean more toward the macabre side, which is perfect for the goth subculture. Additional styles are intended to be cute and are typically utilized by teenage girls. Punks are only one example of a whole subculture that has its own unique enamel pins designed exclusively for its sense of style.

The Creators and Designers

Pin manufacturers have occasionally found themselves elevated to the status of Instagram personalities as a result of their creations. A few of them have earned degrees from prestigious universities and are now putting their creative abilities to work by making enamel pins. Some people have given up lucrative careers in order to focus their complete attention on this endeavor.

A number of exceptionally talented individuals undoubtedly helped the creation of these one-of-a-kind pins. At exhibitions in cities such as New York and Berlin, people stand in line to have the opportunity to meet them. Due to the fact that they make enamel pins, they have gained a lot of respect and popularity.


The versatility that comes with wearing enamel pins is one of the reasons they are so popular. They are not substantial accessories, of which one may only put on a few at a time. You can wear a number of them at the same time and in a variety of locations.

As an illustration, the majority of people fasten enamel pins to their clothing. Depending on their build and style, they look excellent in everything from leather jackets to denim jackets. Enamel pins, however, have more applications than only being worn on jackets; they can also be used in different ways.

Why Are Soft Enamel Pins So Popular

Open-Minded And Self-Expressive

It’s been said that the sons and daughters of Baby Boomers are the generations with the most open minds and the most self-expression of any generation before them.

They have a deep passion for experiencing new places, cultures, and people all over the world. Because of this, they have evolved into the generation that is the most tolerant of other cultures.

If the situation calls for it, millennials will not hold back from expressing their opinions and will not be afraid to do so. They are also a generation of self-assured individuals who have firm faith in the right to express themselves freely.

Because of this, a significant number of Millennials have taken to wearing enamel pins to demonstrate that they are not ashamed of the opinions they hold. And they are not willing to adapt their beliefs to those of the majority!

Millennials are also more open to new concepts, and they are frequently willing to think about the implications of novel developments. This implies that the same person can change their views and aspirations within a short period of time when new possibilities become available. What is a better way there for a Millennial to demonstrate his ever-evolving worldview than by wearing a cheap lapel pin?

An Interesting Process

The creation of pins with soft enamel involves a particular procedure, which is fascinating to observe because this process gives the finished pin its vivid colors and the appearance of having an additional dimension. Die striking, often known as stamping, is the process used to create soft enamel pins. This leaves areas of the pattern that are recessed and raised, respectively. The recesses are filled with enamel paint, which is then allowed to dry naturally in the air.

Because of this, the paint ends up becoming more settled. The enamel is kept in place on the pin by a thin metal line that surrounds each of the painted places on the pin.

The bespoke soft enamel lapel pins that we make can be manufactured in almost any size or shape imaginable. As a result, the process of manufacturing your pin may accommodate virtually any design that you might have in mind for it.

Why Are Soft Enamel Pins So Popular 1

Events Associated with Enamel Pins

It’s not as simple as going on Instagram, searching for “custom lapel pins,” buying one, and then wearing it whenever you like. The culture that surrounds the artwork has also developed alongside the patterns themselves. In today’s day and age, there are special VIP events organized all around the world to show off designs.

The New York Pin and Patch Show, which took place for the very first time, was a huge success. People waited in line for many hours to be able to enter the event, which was held inside a gallery. Even though it only had room for 100 people, there were a total of 2,000 individuals there by the end of the night.

A Great Branding Tool

A soft enamel pin is an incredible marketing tool for companies that provide a product or service to their customers. It is possible for this reason that there are so many advertising and marketing firms who order them from us. When there is a local promotion, they are ordered in relatively small amounts, but when there is a national promotion, the orders are placed in bulk. It is an excellent method for keeping a company “top of mind” with clients after an event, following the conclusion of the fund-raising activity, and even keeping a team’s enthusiasm up.

You’re familiar with “old” media like newspapers, which are repurposed, and “new” media, such as the internet, where everything appears to be transient, right? Because so many people keep pins for such a long time, they are sometimes referred to as the “forever” medium. It’s a terrific method to get your brand seen for very little financial outlay, so take advantage of it!

Hamfai for custom Soft Enamel Pins

Because of this, they are ideal as individualized presents or as branded products for businesses because there is no concern that they would become damaged over time. Pins made of soft enamel are extremely long-lasting.

Not only does this protect the printed design from the deterioration that comes with repeated use, but it also ensures that even after years of use, they will continue to give the impression that they are brand new. Additionally, you are free to create designs that are tailored to your particular requirements. Customers have been turning to us for assistance in developing the perfect soft enamel pins for their own companies. To ensure that we are able to help you with the design ideas that you have, contact us!

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