3 Steps to Make Christmas Gifts More Special

Washi Tape

Christmas is one of the sweetest and most anticipated times of the year. This is a festival for families to reunite, send each other gifts, and share warmth. In addition to choosing thoughtful gifts, how to package and decorate them beautifully is also a very important aspect. This article will look at how to wrap and decorate lanyards with Washi Tape to add a special touch to your Christmas gifts.

Step 1: Choose the Right Packaging Material

Before you start packing and decorating, you first need to prepare the right packing materials. This includes:

  1. Gift box or wrapping paper: Choose a box or wrapping paper that fits the size and shape of your gift. Christmas themed paper will add to the holiday spirit.
  2. Washi Tape: Choose a Washi Tape with good adhesiveness to ensure that the gift packaging is secure. You can choose Gold Foil Washi Tape, Stamps Washi Tape.
  3. Decorative Lanyards: Prepare some beautiful decorative lanyards to decorate your gifts.
  4. Scissors: Scissors used to cut packaging materials and Washi Tape.

Step 2: Exquisite Packing Techniques

Place the gift into the box or wrapping paper and start wrapping:

  1. Diagonal packaging method: This is a common packaging method. Place the gift on the wrapping paper and fold the corners into the center of the gift. Secure with paper tape.
  2. Box Packing Method: If you are using a gift box, place the gift in the box and make sure it fits the size of the box. Then close the box.
  3. Optional decoration: Before packaging, you can add some optional decorations to the gift, such as Christmas stickers, ribbons or small decorations, to make the gift more special.

Step 3: Exquisite Decorative Lanyard

Once the gifts are wrapped, it’s time to decorate the lanyards. Here’s a way to add a special touch to your gift:

  1. Choose the right lanyard: Pick a lanyard that has a Christmas twist, such as red, green or gold. You can also choose a lanyard with decorations or bells to make the gift more attractive.
  2. How to decorate the lanyard: Wrap the lanyard around the gift and tie it into a cute bow. If the lanyard has small ornaments or bells, let them hang from the gift to add a little sparkle.
  3. Personalized Sticker: If you wish, you can attach a personalized sticker to the lanyard with your blessing or the recipient’s name.

Christmas is a time for sharing and caring, and how thoughtfully wrapping and decorating gifts is one of the ways to convey your affectionate wishes. By choosing the right wrapping materials, Washi Tape, and decorative lanyards, you can make your gift special, heartwarming, and memorable. Whether it’s a small gift or a big surprise, it can be made special and memorable with your care and creativity.

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