How Fridge Magnet Work

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Fridge magnets are a common household item, and its main principle is to use magnetic adsorption on the refrigerator door.
Fridge magnets usually consist of two parts: bottom material and magnetic material. The bottom material can be paper, plastic or other materials that can stick to the surface of the refrigerator, while the magnetic material is a material containing magnetic elements such as iron, nickel and cobalt.

The Magnetic Principle of Fridge Magnet

It is based on the adsorption force of magnetic materials. The magnetic element in the magnetic material is attracted by the magnetic field when it is close to the metal part of the refrigerator surface (usually the iron surface of the refrigerator), and interacts with the refrigerator surface to generate a magnetic force. This interaction makes the magnet stick tightly on the surface of the refrigerator. When we stick the magnet on the refrigerator door, the magnet will be attracted to the refrigerator door, so that the magnet will be fixed on the refrigerator door, even when opening and closing the refrigerator door or moving the refrigerator. Not easy to drop either.

This magnetic principle makes the magnets very convenient, making it easy to place them on refrigerator doors or other metal surfaces without the use of glue or other fixings. At the same time, due to the characteristics of magnetic materials, the magnets can also be easily removed and reinstalled on other surfaces.

In short, the magnetic principle of the fridge magnet is based on the attractive interaction between the magnetic material and the surface of the refrigerator, so that it can be firmly attached to the refrigerator. This magnetic principle makes fridge magnets a convenient, reusable decoration.

To Further Understand

Magnetic Material

Most fridge magnets are made using a type of magnetic material called ferrite magnets or ceramic magnets. These magnets are made from powdered iron oxide and ceramic materials. They are relatively inexpensive and have a moderate magnetic strength.

Magnetic Field

The magnetic field of a fridge magnet is strongest at the poles (ends) and weaker in the middle. That’s why you can easily attach and detach the magnet from the refrigerator surface by sliding it horizontally.

Magnetic Field Alignment

When fridge magnets are manufactured, the magnetic particles in the material are aligned in one direction. This ensures that the magnetic field is concentrated in that direction, making the magnet stick strongly to the refrigerator surface.

Magnetic Poles

A fridge magnet has two poles, commonly known as the North pole (N) and the South pole (S). Like poles repel each other, while opposite poles attract. This is why the magnet sticks to the refrigerator, as the refrigerator surface itself acts as a magnet with opposite poles.

Adhesion Strength

The strength of a fridge magnet’s adhesion depends on factors like the magnet’s size, thickness, and magnetic material used. Thicker and larger magnets generally have stronger adhesion to the refrigerator surface.

There are Two Types of Common Acrylic Fridge Magnets

The soft magnetic fridge magnet.

The structure is relatively simple: soft magnetic + pattern + acrylic. The conventional thickness is about 3mm or 4mm. The way to choose soft magnetic is to look at the area.
Advantages: The soft magnetic fridge magnets are clean and neat, and there is no worry about the overall impact, basically there is no follow-up trouble. High cost performance!

The picture below is a fridge magnet of Hamfai, which uses soft magnetic.

Fridge Magnet

The hard magnetic fridge magnet

The structure is a bit complicated: hard magnetic + acrylic with a hole dug + pattern, the conventional thickness is about 3mm, 4mm, but there are two kinds of processes behind it:
(1)The magnet is as big as the hole and then smashed in by pressure.
Pros: tight and not easy to fall off.
Cons: There may be a risk of cracking.
(2)Dig a little bigger, and stick it through glue!
Pros: No risk of cracking.
Cons: The magnet is easy to fall off.

Although the principle of fridge magnets is simple, its practicality is very strong, and it has become an indispensable part of modern families. By customizing fridge magnets, you can bring some interesting and warm Scenes to your life. Just send a design of the fridge magnet you want. Hamfai can turn your creativity into a real fridge magnet, enrich the fun in your life and bring some happiness.

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