Blond Long Hair Little Girl Keychain

Blond Long Hair Little Girl Keychain is a cute and charming keychain style. It presents the image of a little girl in cartoon style with long blond hair, a lively and cute face, big eyes and a bright smile, making it look very charming and childlike. Since their long blond hair is one of their distinguishing features, this type of keychain usually has gold as the main color. However, other parts of the keychain, such as clothing, accessories and surrounding decorations, are available in different colors to increase visual appeal. This type of keychain is usually finely crafted with attention to detail. It may have elaborate facial features, such as the contours of the eyes, nose, and mouth, as well as the sculpting of the hands and feet. Some designs also include little girl clothing details or accessories such as headbands, skirts, shoes.

Size: 5 cm

Technique: Clear Keychain

Design From: Gabriela Nolan(ins.@kawaiicookie676)

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