Transparent Acrylic Keychain With Animal Print And Text

Transparent Acrylic Keychain With Animal Print And Text is made of clear acrylic material. Acrylic is a clear and strong plastic material, perfect for keychains. It has high transparency so that patterns and text can be clearly seen. This keychain features an animal motif design. It can be any animal you like, such as lion, dog, cat, bear, bird, etc. or the animal as shown in the picture. Animal patterns are presented in a cartoon style, which can be selected according to personal preferences and design needs. In addition to animal prints, text has also been added to the keychain. These texts are usually personalized and can include names, nicknames, specific dates, sayings, mottos, etc. to add to the uniqueness and personalization of the keychain. Patterns and texts are usually printed inside the acrylic material through high-definition digital printing technology, which can achieve clear and long-lasting image effects, and make the pattern not easy to wear or fade. The high transparency of acrylic makes the pattern and text on the keychain very bright and clear under the light, making the pattern and text seem to be suspended in it, increasing the visual appeal.

Size: 5 cm

Technique: Clear Keychain

Design From: @dyzkeiv

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