Custom Movie Character Keychains

Custom Movie Character Keychains designs come from classic works and specific movie characters in the movie industry, making them of great interest to movie lovers and fans. Custom Movie Character Keychains can vary in shape and size depending on design needs. They are usually small and lightweight to fit on a key ring or bag. Standard sizes are usually 2 inches. The keychains contain images of movie characters, which are applied to the keychains through a custom printing process. The picture shows the character Ahsoka from the famous movie Star Wars, wearing a gray combat uniform and holding a white-bladed lightsaber. The appearance of Ahsoka will give young viewers of The Clone Wars animated theatrical version a strong feeling of being empowered. Custom Movie Character Keychains are a way for Yizhong to share his interests with other movie fans.

Size: 2”(50.8 mm)

Technique: Epoxy

Design From:  eleniloutsios_