Skull Wearing Santa Hat Epoxy Acrylic Board

Skull Wearing Santa Hat Epoxy Acrylic Board is a decoration with festive and humorous elements, usually made of transparent acrylic board with a skull wearing a Christmas hat pattern printed on it. Unique and eye-catching, this ornament combines two seemingly contradictory elements – a Santa hat and a skull. Skulls are often associated with Halloween or humor, while Santa hats are a symbol of Christmas. This design creates a sense of humor and contrast that grabs attention. In addition, the epoxy process is printed on the surface of the acrylic board, so that the pattern has a certain raised feeling, which increases the visual and tactile three-dimensional sense. This ornament is suitable for decoration during the Christmas season and can be placed in the home, office, shop or any other place. It combines elements of Christmas and humor to make decorating fun and unique.

Size: 2”(50.8 mm)

Technique: Epoxy

Design From: @xraygirlcreations