The Wishing Bottle Holographic Broken Glass Keychain

The Wishing Bottle Holographic Broken Glass Keychain is a beautiful trinket made of clear acrylic and its design is inspired by the shape and meaning of the wishing bottle. The Wishing Bottle Glass Holographic Broken Glass Keychain features an elegant wishing bottle shape with smooth curves and a transparent appearance. This shape makes it look both decorative and ceremonial. The surface of the wishing bottle keychain is covered with a film of holographic broken glass. The colorful colors of these fragments can be seen freshly under sunlight at different angles, sparkling and reflecting in the light, creating beautiful colors and light and shadow effects. The pieces come in various shapes and colors and can be customized according to design and personalization requirements. At the same time, text, patterns or images can also be printed on the keychain using holographic technology. In the picture, there is a pattern of a little boy sitting on a cloud, and a kitten is accompanying him. Overall, the Wishing Bottle Holographic Broken Glass Keychain is a beautiful and meaningful accessory, and its unique design, personalization options, and symbolism make it a popular decoration and gift.

Size: 2.5”(63.5mm)

Technique: Glitter Epoxy Keychain

Design From: Ranyue Shou