Have A Nice Day Keychain

Have A Nice Day Keychain is a Glitter Acrylic Keychain that reads “Have A Nice Day”. This is a rich is a positive, friendly and cheerful design. Convey a good wish and positive energy to the user. This simple and sweet slogan expresses kindness and wishes to others, wishing them a wonderful day. It can be an inspiration and reminder in daily life, bringing people a positive and happy mood. Have A Nice Day Keychain is not just an ornament or a tool for carrying keys, but a positive expression of emotion. It can be a symbol of personal positivity, reminding yourself and others to focus on the beauty and kindness of each day. At the same time, it can also be given as a beautiful and warm gift to friends, family members or others to express their blessings and care.

Size: 5cm

Technique: Double Size Glitter Epoxy

Design From: Kristen Chambers