Masked Figure Glitter Epoxy Acrylic Keychain

“Masked figure glitter epoxy acrylic” keychain is a decorative accessory made from transparent acrylic material. It features a design of a mysterious or masked character, which might be a person, of course, you can also design it into an animal, or a fantasy creature. The keychain is adorned with colorful glitter and coated with a layer of epoxy resin, giving it a glossy and three-dimensional appearance. This type of keychain is often used as a stylish and eye-catching addition to keys, bags, or other personal items. The combination of the masked figure design, glitter design, and epoxy coating creates a visually appealing and unique accessory that can be both decorative and functional.

Size: 2.5”(63.5mm)

Technique: Glitter Epoxy Keychain

Design From: Elene Loutsios