Self-love Club Heart Shape Keychain

The Self-love Club Heart Shape Keychain is a keychain with self-love and self-care at its core. This themed keychain features a heart-shaped design, a symbol of love and care to convey positive self-attitude. Designed to remind people to value their self-worth, take care of their physical and mental health and develop inner self-confidence. Inspirational slogan and positive text to inspire positive attitude and care for themselves. They come in bright and vibrant colors that display an energetic and happy vibe. They are a stylish and meaningful accessory that keeps you positive, happy and confident at all times. In addition, the Self-love Club Heart Shape keychain can also be given as a gift to friends, family members or yourself to express support and blessings for their self-esteem and self-love.

Size: 5cm

Technique: Double Side Epoxy

Design From: Kristen Chambers