The Cartoon Character Holographic Keychain

The cartoon character holographic keychain is a small decorative and practical item. It is a keychain that can be designed in a rectangular or irregular shape. Print the pattern within the designed range to present an image of an anime character on the keychain. Moreover, the image on the keychain has the effect of holographic glass broken and stars, which means that the image can display the effect of simulating broken glass and stars at different angles, as if the image emerges on the keychain. This kind of keychain is based on the theme of anime cartoon characters, and holographic technology to engrave specific patterns or images on the acrylic surface, thus giving it a unique visual effect. This design might be ideal for anime fans or someone who likes to personalize their jewelry as it combines anime elements, holographic effects to create a unique and fun keychain.

Size: 3” (76.2 mm), 4”(101.6 mm)

Technique: Holographic Keychain

Design From: Ariel Caillier