The Philippine Flag Keychain

The Philippine Flag Keychain is a small accessory that mimics and presents the design of the Philippine flag. The full name of the Philippines is called the Republic of the Philippines. The Philippine flag is designed in three colors: red, blue and white. Blue represents peace, truth and justice. Red represents bravery and perseverance. White represents purity and peace. In the center of the flag is a yellow eight-pointed star, symbolizing the states of the Philippines. Below the star, running from one side of the flagpole to the other, is a horizontal blue stripe, signifying peace and justice. Beneath the blue stripes are two vertical red stripes, representing valor and steadfastness of the populace. Whereas the Philippine flag keychains usually feature the image of the flag in precise proportions and details. It can be used as a souvenir for tourists or Filipino nationals to show their pride in their country. Also, by carrying it, people can express their identification and love for the Philippines.

Size: 5cm

Technique: Clear Acrylic

Design From: Rony Pascua