The Winter Sorrower Keychain

The Winter Sorrower Keychain features the image of a little boy, showing his sadness and helplessness in winter. The little boy in the pattern is wearing a cotton hat, scarf and gloves, trying to protect himself from the cold wind. Sadly, however, he was wearing only socks, no shoes to protect his feet and a top that didn’t look warm enough. There was a slight sadness on the little boy’s face, perhaps because he was worried about the increasingly cold weather and insufficient warm clothing. Make people feel his inner plight and loneliness. There are still a few dead leaves floating on the pattern of the keychain, indicating that the cold winter has just arrived. The little boy curled up his small body, his watery eyes seemed to be looking forward to something. This keychain strikes a chord with the hardships and loneliness of winter by expressing the situation and emotions of this little boy. It can also be a personal expression and a profound accessory, with a reflection and exploration of human emotion.

Size: 5cm

Technique: Double Size Glitter Epoxy