Creative Painting Design Keychain

The creative painting design keychain is inspired by the art of painting. This keychain is designed with creative and artistic style, which makes it different from traditional keychains. We make keychains with the patterns of human potted heads designed by customers. The human potted head pattern depicts a figure with a human head, and the head part is replaced by a plant pot. This pattern can take on a variety of different styles and expressions. Some designs may be more realistic to accurately depict human facial features and plant details; while this design is more cartoonish or abstract in style, emphasizing the fun and uniqueness of the image. The human potted head pattern has a unique contrast and visual impact. It combines human and natural elements to convey a sense of organicity and vitality. This kind of pattern often arouses people’s curiosity and imagination, and brings people a different kind of visual enjoyment and thinking.

Size: 5cm

Technique: Double Side Epoxy

Design From: Kristen Chambers