The Bumblebee Keychain

The Bumblebee Keychain is a bumblebee-inspired keychain. The bumblebee is a cute and popular insect. It is loved by people for its striking black and yellow markings. It is often regarded as a bee that symbolizes goodness and hard work. The client adopts the image and characteristics of the bumblebee for the design, such as the big and round eyes of the bumblebee, sharp claws, chubby body, colorful feather patterns, etc. These details create a lovely, mysterious and inviting effect. At the same time, Bumblebee is also a character in the animated movie “Transformers”, a popular Autobot character, and can be transformed into a Volkswagen Beetle/Chevrolet Camaro sports car. The Bumblebee Keychains can bring a unique charm and joy. Choose The Bumblebee Keychain to let your keychain show the beauty and vitality in nature, and at the same time express your love and appreciation for the lovely creature of the bumblebee.

Size: 5cm

Technique: Clear Acrylic Double Sided Same Design

Design From:Ivy Doty