Game Characters Glitter Epoxy Keychain

Game Character Glitter Epoxy Keychain is a decorative keychain with the theme of characters in video games. There are 4 keychains in the pictures, each of which has different shapes and actions, but all use glitter effect. The design theme of this keychain is different characters from video games, and it can also be characters from different games, such as e-sports, role-playing games, action games, etc. Characters may be representations of main characters, villains, or special abilities. The added glitter effect means that under the light, the surface of the keychain will produce a sparkling effect. This is usually achieved by adding glitter or glitter particles during the fabrication process, adding to the visual appeal. Perfect for displaying personal interests and hobbies, or as a gift for gaming fans. Its glitter effect makes it even more visually striking.

Size: 2.5”(63.5mm)

Technique: Glitter Epoxy Keychain

Design From: @serslynofun